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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New announcement: Veterans Professional Association of Canada

Michael Blais
21 hrs

What would YOU say to a Veterans Professional Association of Canada? I have been working on this issue for a couple of years now and most recently established high level contact-discussions with a major national unions (UNIFOR) to discuss setting up a community based (Veterans) professional association that would provide PRO ACTIVE and dedicated services to OUR community.

Over the past four years of advocacy, it has become clear to me that the wounded and disabled of all eras deserve and require an organization that is dedicated to their care/safeguarding their quality of should they suffer or have suffered a mental or physical wound on while serving this nation. The PA envisioned will focus on ensuring full justice is served through the claim process and that members of the professional association have a dedicated team of medical-legal advocates. The PA will provide individual attention throughout the entire process and ensure quality of care standards associated with the injury and Veterans Affairs Canada support is comprehensive and delivered in an expedient manner.

Imagine the amount of stress this would alleviate from your life, imagine having the ability to appeal unjust awards with a dedicated team at your side

We need help, consistency, confidence that those that are acting on our behalf are dedicated to our plight and willing to take the comprehensive measures required.

Think about it, I am, as always, in consultation mode and would appreciate your input.

Be advised, I am an advocate, while I fully intend on setting up the foundations, joining and supporting the VPA when it established, I have no intentions of serving in any other capacity other than as a concept organizer.

I am old, the mission to date have borne consequences on my health and once the principles I have founded the Canadians Veterans Advocacy have been attained, I plan on fading unto obscurity.


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The Canadian Veterans Advocacy Team.

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