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Friday, May 8, 2015

New announcement: Bill C-597, an act to amend the Holidays Act. (Nov 11th)

Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs - Comité permanent des anciens combattants

Today we'll be studying, pursuant to Standing Order 108(2), the subject matter of clause 1 of Bill C-597, an act to amend the Holidays Act.

Aujourd'hui, conformément au paragraphe 108(2) du Règlement, nous allons effectuer l'étude de l'objet de l'article 1 du projet de loi C-597 , Loi modifiant la Loi instituant des jours de fête légale.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Legion's position: "The holiday status of Remembrance Day has been debated at numerous Dominion Conventions throughout the Legion's history, in fact, 13 times since 1970, and most recently at our 2012 Dominion Convention. It was at the 2012 convention that the Legion's position against Remembrance Day being a statutory holiday was reaffirmed."

Canadian Veterans Advocacy position: "As it stands now, through consultation with serving members, veterans, families, and the civilian population we have engaged we find there is universal support for the legal holiday that Bill C-597 presents. Once the bill is defined, once it has been clarified that no days off would be accorded, support has been universal. It is vital that our discussions today focus on the opportunity Parliament has been provided through this bill to honour and respect national sacrifice in a meaningful and effective manner."

"At the York Catholic District School Board's regular meeting of the board, held on Tuesday, November 25, the board of trustees passed a motion that a letter be written to members of municipal, provincial, and federal governments to express their strong belief that November 11, Remembrance Day, should not be made a statutory or school holiday."

The Vice-Chair (Mr. Frank Valeriote (Guelph, Lib.)):
We have with us from the Canadian Veterans Advocacy, Michael Blais, president and founder. We have from the Royal Canadian Legion, Bradley White, Dominion secretary, Dominion Command; and William Maxwell, senior program officer, Dominion Command. Joining us from the York Catholic District School Board via teleconference is Sonia Gallo, communications manager.

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The Canadian Veterans Advocacy Team.

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