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Thursday, November 7, 2013

New announcement: Injured CF members could be front of the line for other public service jobs

Injured Candian Forces members could be front of the line for other public service jobs

By Lee Berthiaume, Postmedia News November 7, 2013 1:36 PM

OTTAWA – Canadian Forces personnel who are forced to leave the military due to injury could soon be at the head of the line when it comes to being hired as federal public servants in other departments.

Service members released from the military because of injuries suffered in the line of duty have already enjoyed priority billing similar to that of visible minorities and people with disabilities when it comes to applying for federal jobs.

But legislation introduced by the Conservative government in the House of Commons Thursday would bump injured soldiers, sailors and air personnel even higher up the list than those other applicants.

The former military job seekers would still have to demonstrate they have the applicable skills and experience for the job.

The legislation comes amid a furore over the treatment of injured Canadian Forces members who cannot meet the military's universality-of-service rule, which states that members must be ready for active deployment overseas at all times.

Several former soldiers who suffered injuries have alleged they were intentionally forced out before they reached 10 years of service, at which point they would begin to receive a pension.

The changes proposed by the government still have to be approved by Parliament.


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