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Friday, September 13, 2013

New announcement: Mothers of Canadian Soldiers Facebook Group

Mothers of Canadian Soldiers Facebook Group

I am a mother of a Canadian soldier and I am concerned about him and all other soldiers that have been deployed to Afghanistan and other countries around the world. To date 158 Canadian soldiers have lost their lives in Afghanistan. My heart goes out to those mothers and families for their loss. We must ensure that they feel supported and that their sacrifices were not in vain.

My son is in the combat arms and was deployed to Afghanistan in Sep 08. I fully support his career choice but like all mothers I will always worry about his safety. My son was sent home the end of Nov 08 because he was injured when his armoured vehicle hit an IED. Many of his friends were injured or killed during this tour.

So many soldiers have been injured in Afghanistan and there are many of them suffering because they don't have the support that they need. Please don't forget the sacrifices that they have made so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have in Canada. The government has ignored the plight of injured soldiers and many of them have suffered hardships as a result of their operational tours. The suicide rate has increased dramatically over the last few years and many ex soldiers have been found living homeless on the streets. Canadian soldiers are very proud to serve their country and as Canadians we should be very proud to support them through their difficult times. We are all aware of those brave soldiers that gave their lives for their country but many Canadians are not aware of the number of soldiers that have been injured and are fighting the system to receive proper care, treatment and financial support.

I would like to invite all mothers of Canadian soldiers to share their comments with this group.

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