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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New announcement: Liberal Party of Canada 2014 Policy Resolutions

Liberal Party of Canada 2014 Policy Resolutions

Liberal Party of Canada 2014 Policy Resolutions

Party members have spent the last several months developing policy resolutions touching important priorities like investments in infrastructure, telecommuting solutions, youth employment, post-secondary education, and restoring trust in democracy.

Here are the policy resolutions submitted to the Montreal 2014 – Liberal Biennial Convention relating to veterans and the military.

89. Veterans' Affairs

WHEREAS veterans fought for us to preserve our democracy and give us the freedoms that are cherished by all Canadians;

WHEREAS the after-effects of conflicts are serious and our older veterans as well as those who have represented Canada in recent missions both on and off this continent, suffer from physical and mental health challenges such as amputation and post-traumatic stress disorder;

WHEREAS and our veterans deserve one-on-one counselors with tailored service considering the veterans' service to Canada;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT a Liberal government will maintain service to veterans at Veterans Affairs Offices throughout Canada

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT a Liberal government will try to re-establish facilities conducive to the needs of all veterans.
Liberal Party of Canada (Nova Scotia)

Liberal Party of Canada 2014 Policy Resolutions

56. Disabled Veterans Strategy

WHEREAS the New Veterans Charter (2006) provides an earnings loss benefit, financial award and allowances to veterans who have been assessed with a service-related disability;

WHEREAS the New Veterans Charter contains a capped amount and provides a one-time lump-sum disability award which can be a reduction from the monthly tax-free pension for life and survivor benefit originally provided through the Canada Pension Act;

WHEREAS the "Enhanced New Veterans Charter Act", provides only Regular Force Veterans a guaranteed minimum of $40,000/year in pre-tax income only when they are in a Rehabilitation Program or until age 65 or $58,000 only when severely disabled;

WHEREAS every disabled Canadian Forces veteran deserves to be treated on a basis equal to private sector and other public sector workers and who have a diagnosed medical condition or disability related to their service;

WHEREAS the New Veterans Charter provides awards that primarily consist of a one-time payment with benefits that are significantly less than those benefits provided by the previous Veteran Affairs Canada Pension Act or other compensation programs throughout Canada;

WHEREAS the difference in benefits is contrary to the spirit of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and is disrespectful of the services provided by Canadian Forces personnel;

BE IT RESOLVED that Disabled Canadian Forces disability benefits be provided on a basis at least equitable to those provided under the previous Pension Act and consistent with disability benefits available to other federal and provincial government employees and/or benefits under federal and provincial workers compensation plans.

Liberal Party of Canada (British Columbia)

Liberal Party of Canada 2014 Policy Resolutions

117. Fair & Compassionate Treatment of Injured Canadian Forces Personnel

WHEREAS the people of Canada are proud of and grateful of the men and women who serve in the Canadian Forces;

WHEREAS some injured Canadian Forces personnel are being forced out of the service prior to obtaining the ten years of duty required to be eligible for their pensions;

WHEREAS men & women in the Canadian Forces may suffer from both physical and psychological injuries;

WHEREAS these injured Canadian Forces personnel may still serve their country;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada condemn this practice by the Conservative Government;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a new Liberal Government immediately cease this practice and ensure the fair and compassionate treatment of all current and former Canadian Forces personnel.

Liberal Party of Canada (New Brunswick)

Liberal Party of Canada 2014 Policy Resolutions

33. A Social Covenant with Canadian Veterans

WHEREAS, successive generations of Canadians have served their country honourably as members of the Canadian Armed Forces;

WHEREAS, service in the Canadian Armed Forces requires members to make a personal commitment to put their lives on the line on behalf of their fellow citizens, and to risk their lives anywhere in the world that the nation deems it appropriate that they do so;

WHAREAS, the burden associated with military service is not only borne by those in the Canadian military, but also by their families, who make untold sacrifices to help ensure the success of Canadian Armed Forces missions;

WHEREAS, the Conservative government's approach to veterans' policy demonstrates an utter disregard for our country's social covenant with those who serve in the military, particularly through its aggressive funding cuts to the supports and services that veterans need;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT a future Liberal government will uphold the principles of this social covenant in its defence and veterans policies, and will live up to our country's sacred obligation to care for veterans and their families throughout their lives by allowing them to maintain a quality of life that is worthy of the sacrifices that they have made for Canada;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT a future Liberal government will introduce legislation to strengthen the New Veterans Charter to reflect this commitment.
Liberal Caucus

Liberal Party of Canada 2014 Policy Resolutions

45. Support for Military Personnel and Their Families

WHEREAS Canadian military personnel protect and support the way of life and values of all Canadians, and the sovereignty of Canada, domestically and internationally;

WHEREAS the support provided by the military to all Canadians frequently results in significant personal cost to individual members of the military and their families;

WHEREAS recent changes in compensation programs to military personnel have resulted in impoverished living standards for many, particularly for wounded personnel and their families;

WHEREAS Canada has an obligation to ensure that members of the military are treated fairly during their military service and afterwards;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada urges the Government of Canada to review compensation for active military personnel to ensure that the pay received is equitable, and is attractive to those considering a military career;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada urges the Government of Canada to create programs to assist military personnel and their families in their transition into the community following assignments overseas;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada urges the Government of Canada to improve medical and psychiatric care available to military personnel who have been injured while in military service;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada urges the Government of Canada to create compensation for injured military personnel that fairly reflects the sacrifice and injury that such personnel have endured, and which includes training for meaningful employment for the remainder of their military service and afterwards.

Liberal Party of Canada (Alberta)

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