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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New announcement: Earning Loss Replacement/ War Pensioner Allowance Retro-activity Class Action

CVA Situation Report - Earning Loss Replacement/ War Pensioner Allowance Retro-activity Class Action Suit

Sit rep. Over the past year, the CVA has been steadfast in seeking equitable resolution on the issue of retroactivity for those who are covered by the War Pensioners Allowance or Bill C-55's Earning Loss Benefits programs.

To the government's credit, the Manuge case principles of non inclusion of VAC Pain and Suffering awards were applied to the ELB and, earlier this year, legislated into effect for those who are supported finically through the War Pensioners Act provisions.

The government has ceased deducting these awards in ELB/WPA financial determinations yet has yet to honour the retro-activity protocols accorded to the thousands of veterans affected by the Manuge - SISIP case Retro-activity.

This is, of course, not acceptable and is in direct of the One Veteran, One Standard principles the Canadian Veterans Advocacy has been created to foster. Accordingly, we have engaged with a prominent legal practice to seek resolution through the courts if necessary and are requesting all veterans affected by the unjust policy to contact the Canadian Veterans Advocacy with all due haste.

Your testimony is vital to our success. We merely need your name, contact information and a brief synopsis of how long you have been affected by the respective program clawback and in general figures, if you wish, how much you think you are owed.

The time for action is now, the decision on the ELB/WPA has taken far to long to be delivered, we must prepare for the fact that this prolonged and unnecessary delay signifies denial may very well be the option the government has taken.

Adapt, overcome, prevail.

The CVA will not Pass the Fault. The Sacred Obligation will be restored!

To all veterans, young and old.

Please give this missive maximum dissemination, particularly to those who are, by definitions, older and surviving on the War Pensioners Act provisions. ELB retro-activity will only be few years when the program was implemented, those who are on WPA may very well be entitled to a substantial sum if the date back on retro-activity matches the SISIP decision. Please print off a copy for those not on internet.

Step up, do your part in ensuring this message reaches out to those effected through your social networks and personal friendships. There may be a mêlée looming, we are in the Prepare for Battle zone.

Pro Patria Semper Fidelis

Michael L Blais CD
President/Founder, Canadian Veterans Advocacy

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The Canadian Veterans Advocacy Team.

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