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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New announcement: PTSD FORUM with Dr. Dee Rajska - Fight-or-Flight reflex, Anger

PTSD FORUM with Dr. Dee Rajska - Fight-or-Flight reflex, Anger

Hi again, folks!

Thanks so much for coming back!

(I would promise to make the jokes less corny this week, but I hate making promises I can't keep)…

As I was saying last week, (I'm repeating myself, but this was my best line so I want to use it again in case you missed it), dealing with PTSD on your own is like trying to fight a war all by yourself, against an enemy you've never been trained to fight.

(Good line, right? Aren't you glad I brought it back for an encore?)

You need to have buddies fighting alongside you, which is why last week I did the used-car-salesman thing about peer support. You also need to KNOW YOUR ENEMY. So, today, I'd like to start giving you the intel you need to kick PTSD's… ahem, *six*.

According to the DSM-IV TR, the diagnostic criteria for PTSD are as follows:

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