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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Canadian Veterans Advocacy - About Us

The Canadian Veterans Advocacy Inc. is an Ontario-registered not-for-profit corporation focused on improving the quality of life for Canadian Veterans.
The organization was founded in 2010 by Micheal L. Blais, CD. Mike was inspired by former PPCLI Colonel (Retired) Patrick Stogran, Canada's first Veterans Ombudsman, when he watched the colonel stand up for the rights of Canadian Veterans during an extraordinary press conference in August 2010. Not long after this momentous event, Col Stogran was informed that his tenure as Veterans Ombudsman was over.
In November 2010, Mike, along with other military, RCMP and police veterans united in the first annual Canadian Veterans National Day of Protest. Thousands of veterans representing small and large communities gathered at their federal parliamentarian’s riding offices to demand the government stand-up for Canada’s Sons and Daughters. Of primary importance was -- and is -- the restoration of the Social Contract and Sacred Trust between soldiers and the Nation they serve. The government abandoned its soldiers and this social contract in 2006 when it passed the New Veterans Charter which replaced the Life-time Disability Pension with an inadequate Lump Sum Disability Award.
The Canadian Veterans Advocacy was born of this successful day of protest; a new veterans association guided by the motto: One Veteran, One Standard.
The CVA was incorporated in July of 2011 and is an open and inclusive organization. We encourage the involvement of all veterans, regardless of the era in which you served. We also welcome the support of family and friends of veterans and of patriotic Canadians.

The Mission

We are guided by our mission statement which clearly outlines our mandate to improve the quality of life for Canadian Veterans.

The Directors

The CVA is lead by Michael L. Blais, CD, with the help of many other active veterans, Canadian patriots and our Board of Directors.

Bravo Zulu

The Canadian Veterans Advocacy recognizes the efforts of individual veterans, other veterans organizations and supportors who are working to help us achieve our goals. Bravol Zulu goes out to...

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